GSF Topic – Cell Phone Use at Meetings

Cell Phone Use at Meetings


  • People using cell phones in meetings
  • “I’m very important don’t you know” or “Just don’t pay me no mind”


  • Include a request in the preamble – a paragraph on cell phone etiquette, being specific about “WHY NOT”
  • More specific instructions, for example:
    Ask all in attendance to show their phones, and while they are all visible ask for them to be put away now
  • Ask at business meetings that all home group members adhere to this request
  • Make a “No Cell Phone” poster for the meeting to be displayed during the meeting
  • Ask chairperson to monitor cell use and remind people to put them down
  • If you need to check your phone during the meeting, please excuse yourself from the group and check them in the hall or another room.

No Cell Phone Posters (pdf files)


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