GSF Topic-Clear Atmosphere of Recovery

Clear Atmosphere of Recovery


  • Not Using NA Language
    -Not using NA language at meetings, talking about “sobriety” and being “sober”.
    -Not using NA speakers
    -Announcements or literature that not related to NA
  • Not a message of hope
  • Unqualified trusted servant
    -Not enough clean time
    -Not matching talent to task


  • Lead by example: Say “Clean time”
  • Do Not be drug specific when sharing
  • Pull someone aside, gently share, addict to addict, in a non-aggressive way
  • Add something to your group’s preamble such as the Clarity statement
  • Incorporate the traditions into the format of business meeting
  • Always display or continue displaying NA literature

Clear Atmosphere of Recovery – Spiritual Principles:


Unity-Tradition One, Self-centered, Faith, Holding a position for term, Commitment, Humility, Willingness