Retreats Subcommittee

The Retreats Subcommittee is Not Active

The Retreats Subcommittee Mission Statement

To hold retreats in an attempt to provide a safe environment for addicts to share their experience, strength and hope with its primary purpose to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous to the still suffering addict.

These retreats are a gathering place where the principal of one addict helping another abounds. The timetable is a guideline which enables us to have structure for meeting times. It is not meant to be rigid in nature or strictly adhered to. By this we mean that this is our weekend to seek recovery, whether in a formal meeting setting or one on one. Spirituality and recovery can be sought by taking a walk, sleeping in, reading, writing and a thousand individual ways in which we practice self care. It is the hope of this committee that all those coming here enjoy their time, however it is spent.

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