Toronto Area Service Committee

The Toronto Area Service Committee meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:00 am (except when the 2nd Sunday falls on a long weekend, or Mother’s Day, TASC meets on the first Sunday of these months), in Room 2029 CAMH, 33 Russell Street (1 block N of College St. on the E side of Spadina).

What is TASC?

TASC is the central co-ordinator for all of the N.A. services that the Toronto area provides. TASC is also a forum for members or groups to seek guidance or assistance that can not be provided at the group level. Anyone may come to TASC to learn about Toronto area N.A. service.

Why do we have a Toronto Area Service Committee?

In a large N.A. area like Toronto, there are many different service needs that the individual N.A. groups can’t fulfill on their own. So, in the interests of helping the addicts who still suffer, all the groups in our area have joined together to provide common services. TASC is the name of the committee formed to carry out these services. TASC was formed by the groups to serve the groups and is always dedicated to and responsible to the groups.

Who attends TASC?

TASC is made up of Group Service Representatives and other Trusted Servants. GSR’s are N.A. members elected by their group to represent their group conscience at TASC. These members then elect the other Trusted Servants to help run the meeting itself. Usually these members have been GSR’s and also have other service experience.

TASC Documents:

GSR Points

TASC Policy and Procedures Feb 2017

TASC GSR Orientation Package

TASC Literature Order Form

The Toronto Area Service Committee email address is: